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The most special food without adding any oil which gives instant energy for our body is rice. World’s population knows what rice is and how it is useful for human body. It is like the main alpha in the foods of afternoon for filling our tummies. The rice has no specific taste but smells earthy with an appetizing smell. To cook rice is not so easy. Early people used to cook rice by placing it in vase and draining the water but these days have given rise to rice to get cooked in top rice cookers which can consume time.

It sounded “wheee”

There are so many models of rice cooker and some models which support flame based cooking in gas stoves are mostly used by many people. When the flame based cooker is manufactured it has got whistles to indicate whether it is cooked properly or not. Usually good rice cooker can accumulate good amount of heat and boil the rice within 4 whistles. The best one comes with easy handling and different kilograms of weights. People can choose rice cooker based on these categories

  • Handy usage
  • Capacity of cooker
  • Safety valve
  • Material

Handy usage

The cooker must be easy to open and close without any issues.

Capacity of cooker

The normal cooker capacity starts from 1 kg of rice to 25 kgs. People can choose kinds of cookers based on their usage.

Safety valve

This is one of the most important parts in cooker. When the temperature levels rises in cooker, chances of exploding increases but a braded cooker will open the safety valve where the vapor can escape easily.


The cookers are available in variety of materials like

  • Aluminum
  • Nonstick rice cooker
  • Stainless steel

These are some of the materials for cooking rice in an easy way. Rice with curry is best serving suggestions in many of the countries.