British roads and the ever growing potholes

British roads and the ever growing potholes

Thousands of drivers in the UK fall foul of potholes every year, causing problems ranging from an unpleasant jolt to the occupants’ necks and backs to costly damage to their vehicles. Potholes cause tension, upset and stress for both the drivers and those who have to pay out to compensate for the damage they cause. Despite repairs, it is almost guaranteed that more potholes will appear after every cold snap or spell of heavy rain.

What causes potholes?

In most cases, potholes develop after a simple crack in the road allows water to seep in. When this freezes, the crack grows wider and the road starts to crumble away, leaving either a slowly crumbling crack line or holes of differing sizes. Potholes are inevitable in poorly-maintained road surfaces when the weather has sudden severe dips in temperature, as it does here in the UK.

Can potholes be avoided?

Unless you want to drive like you are on a dodgem ride at the fair, it is pretty much impossible to avoid them all. Unsurprisingly, the numbers of potholes could be dramatically reduced if the roads were better maintained. For example you never see pot holes or cracks at the tracks of F1 Paddock Club Britain car racing.  They look after them with great care and attention and take pride in the circuit. If you want to check them out why not grab tickets to the site one option available is

To be fair, statistics show that one pothole is fixed every 20 seconds. This simply isn’t enough; however, unless more cash is invested, road repair teams will be destined to constantly play catch-up.

The extra costs potholes create

All drivers, whether using their own vehicle or driving one on behalf of a business, can be eligible to claim compensation if a pothole causes damage, with such damage sustained by about one-third of the British population. There are strict rules about who can claim, however, and this rests on two things: whether the pothole is big or deep enough to meet local guidelines and whether it has been earmarked for repair.

British roads and the ever growing potholes

If you are not eligible for compensation, you may need to claim on your own motor insurance. While a private car driver may choose not to bother, a business driver often has no choice. If you are in the trade, this makes having good motor trade insurance vital, so don’t delay getting a quote. Potholes seem to be a fact of life; therefore, protecting yourself by taking out insurance is a worthwhile investment.