Six budget make over tips that can help your property to sell

Six budget make over tips that can help your property to sell

It goes without saying that when selling your home, you want to maximise the amount of money you make. Here is a look at how you can best use a limited budget to make a sale.

All about the money

Moving house can be an expensive endeavour, with conveyancing fees and other hidden costs causing that inevitable headache. That is why ensuring you get as much money for your property as possible is essential!

Appealing to the masses

Amazingly, research from supermarket brand Aldi shows that 44 per cent of us won’t offer the asking price for a property if the décor doesn’t suit our taste. The research was conducted amongst 2000 UK homeowners as part of Aldi’s launch of a new range of home accessories. The results show that 34 per cent were more likely to make an offer if the furniture was appealing; 72 per cent said that they looked for a stylish kitchen when considering whether to bid for a property. Dark rooms, odd layouts and untidy gardens were all listed as turn-offs.

Six budget make over tips that can help your property to sell

Sell it on

Saving money is critical when selling your home, so choose a conveyancer that offers transparent fees such as Aldi’s research shows that sellers were keen not to break the bank when updating their homes, saying that they would spend around £900 on average to get it off the market.

Six tips

For a quick budget makeover, try these tips:
-Don’t be vague; define your space. A rug, a table, or a snooker table in the middle of a room all define what the room should be used for.
-Maximise your space. Even if you have small rooms, make sure you declutter and re-arrange your furniture; you’ll be amazed at how much bigger they will look.
-Keep it clean. Before you invite potential buyers into your house, clean your kitchen from head to toe. A dirty kitchen does not encourage people to imagine themselves cooking and eating in it.
-Watch for personal touches. Don’t think that baby photos of your teenagers will help sell your home. Be more vanilla so a potential buyer views a blank canvas.
-First impressions are formed in seconds, so make sure your hallway is bright and welcoming.
-Tidy your garden.